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The Windborne photography light stand the Turf Stand is the new standard by which professional photographers will judge lighting stands. Created out of sheer necessity this photography light stand stand accepts new environmental challenges with ease and allows for a more versatile outdoor shooting experience.

High winds and uneven terrain are no match for this photography light stand\\\\\\\'s tough metal tines and ingenius self-supporting design. Be it a steep hill, loose sand, muddy river bed or even a rooted forest floor this stand stays upright and balanced without the aid of sandbags or an extra set of hands. Windborne\\\\\\\'s photography light stand combines rugged durability with a light-weight frame and features a universal 1/4\\\\\\\" threaded end, perfect for today\\\\\\\'s most popular speedlights, modifier arms and other lighting accesories. So do yourself a favor and show nature who\\\\\\\'s boss by adding a Windborne Turf Stand to your team. Todays deal includes the Turf Stand (normally $139) AND free shipping (normally $15), so you save over $69 off retail! Buy yours today!

Living on the Texas Coastline one of the issues we have capturing our sessions on the beach is wind. Having to bring an assistant or extra member of TriCoast or even a parent of our client to hold our light stand down from falling over was always a pain. Recently we were introduced to the Turf Stand, a simple yet genius stand which easily holds up against the strong Texas Coast winds. The Turf Stand quickly anchors into the sand and holds our flash units in place. It\\\\\\\'s just as easy to remove and move to the next location. The Turf Stand has improved our mobility while shooting on the beach which in turn allows us to focus more on our clients and worry less about our gear. Mike Fulton, Cody Clinton of TriCoast Photography

The Turf Stand is perfect for those of us who live with windy conditions! It was solid and I had no doubts in trusting my flash equipment with to set up and easy to use.. Thank you so much for helping us windy region photographers out. Rod Evans

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