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$699 for a Larson 4x6 Softbox AND 42x72 Reflector! (a $1030 value)







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- Limit 1 per household

- Backplate for softbox not included

- Standard shipping rates apply.


- 4x6 softbox AND 42x72 refelector for the price of just the softbox!

- Highest quality materials available allow perfect and consistent light dispersion every time.

- Lifetime warranty - buy it once, buy it for life!

- Incredible build quality


For over 40 years Larson Enterprises has supplied the industries portrait photographers with the most reliable light modifiers available. Larson Enterprises has remained focused on the still shot photographer, and the digital photographer. In the realm of light modifiers there are two worlds, video and still shot digital capture. Most companies focus on both industries-the end result leaves many shortcomings in their products. Because Larson Light Modifiers are for strobe-based systems only, our fabrics are much lighter and easier to handle. The diffusion fabrics we use are a closely guarded secret. They are the most consistent diffusion material available on the market today.

If you are looking for a quality light modifier, coupled with the most natural soft light available, you have no choice - only Larson will do. When you consider the limited lifetime warranty - buy it once, buy it for life.

With today\'s deal you get 2 of Larsons most popular items for the price of one! You can do just about anything with the amazing combination of their 4x6 softbox (a $699 value) and 42x72 reflector (a $330 value).

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